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If you care less about quality or detection and just want to hack in Sons of the Forest Multiplayer then try out these free hacks. Similar to the premium hacks, the free hacks also work in Multiplayer mode (online) and still have many popular features like ESP, Speed hacks, Item Spawning, Night Light and more. Download the free Sons of the Forest cheats today and gain that edge over your opponents.


sons of the forest hacks


Hacking in Sons of the Forest multiplayer is the act of using software, codes, or techniques to gain an advantage over other players and enemies.  While its well known that you can use cheat codes to activate cheats in Solo mode, in online mode you require hacks to do this.  Our software injects cheats into Sons of the Forest allowing you to use popular features such as Wallhacks (ESP), Speed Hacks, Item spawning, God Mode and Night Light.  Our software is developed to be undetected by the anticheat keeping you safe from bans.  However, we cannot be held responsible for any bans that occur while using our cheats.  If you are worried about a ban, don’t cheat.


Many users want to use premium cheats that are packed with features and updated frequently, however, increasingly there are users who want to use free hacks for Sons of the Forest. For the reason we decided to promote both a paid and free cheat, that way everybody is satisfied.  Free cheats typically can be more risky as its extremely simple for the anticheat to download and analyse the files which can lead to users of the cheat being banned.  That being said, there is no defined length of time in which it takes to get banned, therefor, sometimes its worth using free hacks despite the extra risks.



God mode is a cheat that makes the player invincible, granting them unlimited health, ammo, or other resources, and making them immune to all forms of damage or negative effects. In god mode, the player can easily defeat enemies and complete difficult challenges without any risk of losing the game or dying.

Wall Hacks (ESP)

Wall hacks are a type of cheat software used in video games that allow a player to see through walls and other solid objects, giving them an advantage over other players. Wall hacks work by manipulating the game’s code to reveal the locations of other players and objects, even if they are behind a wall or other obstacle.


Speed hacks are a type of cheat software used in video games that enable a player to move faster than the game’s intended speed, giving them an unfair advantage over other players. Speed hacks work by manipulating the game’s code to increase the player’s movement speed, or by modifying the player’s network traffic to send movement commands more frequently than allowed.


Item spawning is a type of exploit used in video games that allows a player to create or duplicate items in the game world, giving them an advantage over other players. Item spawning can be achieved through a variety of means, such as using cheat codes or manipulating the game’s code to create or duplicate items.


A night light is a type of hack that changes the lighting or visibility of a game to make it easier to see in dark environments. In some games, night mode cheats may modify the game’s code or graphics to increase the brightness or contrast of the game world, making it easier to navigate dark areas or see hidden objects. This can be particularly useful in games where visibility is limited, such as survival or horror games.


Aimbot is a type of cheat software used in video games, particularly first-person shooters, that helps a player aim more accurately and quickly at their opponents. Aimbot works by automatically targeting the player’s crosshairs or reticle directly at the opponent’s head or body, allowing for easier kills and higher scores.