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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency explained for both beginner and advanced users.
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About Cape Factory

What we do
Cape Factory explores everything related to bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Our experts have condensed 10 years of knowledge into a simple, easy to follow format that will give teach you all the basics. Our basic guides are well suited for beginners whereas our advanced guides will appeal to experienced users who already understand the basics.
Why we do it
Our aim is to you the knowledge required to take your first steps in cryptocurrency. We want you to know what to buy, when to buy, how to buy it, where to store it and most importantly, how to stay safe from online scams, fraud and ponzi schemes (porzuh). We would love it if you share our website to any user who is new to crypto.
Cape Factory will always offer free resources about cryptocurrency, but we have much larger plans than that. We want to create a community of like minded individuals who love crypto and want to make their wallet fat as hell. We will always listen to our community and as we evolve, we are super excited to see where it might take us.

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What Is Bitcoin

Bitcoin explained for beginners, take your first steps into cryptocurrency.

How to buy Bitcoin

Do you want to own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?