Frequently Asked Questions

What are CSGO Cheats?

Ready for a game-changing experience in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)? CS:GO cheats are software programs or hacks designed to supercharge your gameplay. They equip you with significant advantages in this popular first-person shooter game. You can get your hands on aimbots, wallhacks, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), and various other hacks. These tools empower you to see through walls, auto-aim and fire at enemies, and even boost your character’s abilities!

Can you get banned for cheating in CSGO?

Beware, CS:GO enforces a zero-tolerance policy towards cheating. If you’re caught in the act, you’ll be swiftly banned from the game. CS:GO is dedicated to maintaining a fair play environment and takes active measures to identify and ban cheaters.

Depending on how severe your cheating offense is, the consequences can range widely in CS:GO. A cheat slip-up could cost you a temporary game ban, or even a permanent one. Moreover, if you’re a professional player, you could be barred from competing in official CS:GO events.

To uphold its no-cheating policy, CS:GO leverages the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) software. VAC functions by scanning your computer for any known cheats or programs that breach the game’s terms of service. If you’re caught cheating, not only do you face a ban, but you also risk losing all in-game items or currency you’ve earned.

CS:GO takes its anti-cheating strategy a step further with its overwatch system. Exceptionally skilled players have the ability to review and report suspicious activities from other players. If the overwatch community verifies that a player is indeed cheating, that player may face a game ban. Cheating doesn’t pay in CS:GO!

After payment, what happens next?

Upon purchasing our cheats, you’ll gain access to the Download section found on your Account page.

After downloading the cheats, remember to check the email you provided during the purchase. This will contain a key needed to log into our cheats.

It’s straightforward to set up our cheat file. Just right-click, opt for “run as administrator”, enter the key we’ve emailed you, pick the cheat from the dropdown list, and inject it right into CSGO.

Once you’ve successfully injected the cheats into CSGO, simply press the assigned keybind. The cheat menu will then be displayed on your screen.

Can I cheat on my main account in CSGO?

If you’re trying out a cheat for the first time, we suggest using a spare Steam account, one that isn’t particularly valuable to you.

You can use this account for initial testing. In case of any issues, your main account will remain safe and unaffected.

Should you choose to apply cheats on your main account after the testing phase, the choice is yours. Remember, though, the cheat provider cannot be held accountable for any subsequent bans to your accounts.

While we go to great lengths to avoid bans, be aware that cheating in CSGO is a punishable offense, and bans can happen.

Can I use cheats in Prime matchmaking?

Yes, our cheats are designed for use in Prime matchmaking. However, do remember to consider the guidelines outlined in the previous question, as they apply here as well.

Although we make every effort to ensure safe usage of our cheats, remember that a ban in CSGO isn’t impossible. So always exercise caution and be prepared for potential outcomes.



An aimbot in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a type of software that assists a player’s aiming ability.  The works by automatically targeting enemies, even if they are not in the player’s field of vision. AOur Aimbot software makes it possible! It’s designed to enhance your aiming ability, locking onto your enemies automatically, whether they’re in your line of sight or not. Using sophisticated algorithms, Aimbot tracks enemy movements and perfectly aligns your shots. It reacts faster than any human can, with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you’re a fan of legit or rage play styles, Aimbot is customizable to fit your gaming needs.


Want an unfair advantage in CSGO? Look no further than our Wallhacks. These clever cheats let you see through walls and other barriers. Whether it’s software or hardware-based, our Wallhacks enable you to spot and track enemies hiding behind solid objects. Gain the upper hand by knowing the exact location of your opponents before they’re even in your line of sight. Turning the tables on your enemies has never been this easy!


Craving for a unique and personalized look in CSGO? In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), a skin changer is a software or mod that allows players to change the appearance of their weapons, knives, and gloves to rare, valuable, or unique skins.  If you use a skin changer cheat in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), only you will be able to see the skin changes that you have made to your weapons, knives, and gloves. Other players in the game will not be able to see the skin changes that you have made.


Meet Triggerbot, your instant shooting assistant in CSGO. This efficient cheat fires your weapon automatically the second an enemy enters your crosshairs. By scanning your screen and pinpointing enemy positions, Triggerbot ensures you never miss a shot. Experience a new level of ease and accuracy with Triggerbot!


Speed is of the essence in CSGO, and with our Bunnyhop cheat, you’ll move faster than ever. Bunnyhop automates the process of continuous jumping, a strategy known to give players an edge in the game. Evade enemy fire and rush objectives with newfound agility. Watch as you outmaneuver your opponents and take control of the map!


To top it all, we bring you an In-Game Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a seamless cheat customization experience in CSGO. Easily modify cheat features and settings directly within the game, without having to exit and edit any pesky configuration files. Enjoy the convenience of an integrated interface that keeps you in the action, without any interruption.